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Many of our communities are affected by issues that prevent us from rising into our potentials.  Statistically we are affected by lack of health, education and habilitation.  Many of our communities lack Justice, fair and equal treatment.  Our communities have been affected by these issues for decades, and it would take each one of our members to become educated, take action and rise into their potentials.



The philosophy behind Street Education lies in that there is a large part of our community that is unreachable by basic organizing tactics.  Many community members are not involved in their children's schools, many are not members of any religious institutions, and do not participate in the political world.  


Our ability to educate this sector of our society would be through direct ACTION, hitting the streets, visiting common and frequented areas by community members.  Providing basic education and leadership training to those who are willing to do so, and whose passion lies in assisting others.  Today we have more means of educating, and it would be greatly assistential to our community to receive basic information that could lead to individuals becoming inspired to live productive lives.  




SEASON 1 - Health Education/Food Justice - This session has ended.


SEASON 2 - Sexual Health - TBA  

Photo Gallery

Thank you all who donated and assisted in making this project a reality!  


Junior Maldonado

Nancy Santiago

Elizabeth Leith

Amanda Lopez

Karen Ady

Ashley Dager

Ashley Chung

Roxanne Perez

Lorean Valentin - Luna Management

Stephanie and Cyril Saquing

Chiedu Okpala

Luis Nicho

The Hendricks Family

Angel Saint-Hillaire

James Dorans

Keble McDermoth

John Yates

Rashawn Jackson - LWin Athletica

Dilenny Guzman

Christine Bhajan

Jordan De Liso

Elizabeth Rivera

Amanda Brown

Michael "Goya" Robles

Adrian Rodriguez

Damaris Garcia

Virgilio Guzman

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