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Audiences describe Dennis Febo as 'Genuine,' 'Engaging,' and 'Extraordinary.'  "He delivered a powerful message in a very humble manner, and I think that was what I appreciated most," said a student who attended one of his workshops.


Dennis Febo is a native of Brooklyn, New York, raised in many different parts of the United States and Puerto Rico. While growing in such diverse and disparate communities, many experiences with poverty, racism and prejudice, and not being able to comprehend such disparities, gave him a very universal outlook on life. During his teenage years, he took on the goal of uplifting human beings to enact their true potential, through education on social consciousness and culture.


During high school and college, Dennis began many different organizing projects mainly targeting the youth with whom he found so much in common with in disadvantaged communities. He found that through art, music and entertainment, the minds of the youth were more apt to receive and internalize the information provided to them regarding the social conditions in which they are a part of, and how they could overcome them through unity and work.


In college Dennis worked with student government, and pledged for Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Inc., founding the Kyodrowe Chapter, where he heightened his interest in teaching and uplifting our communities along with his fellow peers. After college, he began taking action through community organizing, activism, and realized that his speaking abilities were able to draw the attention of many, and was able to organize on larger social levels. He also began to work with singing and music, as it was his passion due to an evangelical upbringing, and began to speak publicly on many different topics including race, ethnicity, the mind, identity and social consciousness.


Dennis graduated from the University at Buffalo with a master's degree in Humanities Interdisciplinary: Caribbean Cultural Studies, studied in Havana, Cuba and Bahia, Brazil. His master's thesis is a documentary regarding Puerto Rican Sovereignty entitled: "Sazón Batería y Soberanía: Puerto Rico in the Dance for Self-Determination." He also attained a bachelor's degree in Latino Studies, concentrating in history and politics.  


Dennis has worked as a community organizer, social worker/outreach manager, parent coordinator for the NYCDOE, counseled families as a crisis prevention specialist, and managed after school math and literacy programs throughout the NY, NJ and PA areas.  




Goya Robles is an actor and poet from Stamford, CT.  Goya made his film debut as a guest slam poet in the independent feature "Transformations" at the HBO Latino Film Festival in 2006.  He recently starred as a lead in Plus Entertainment's feature film "A Gangster's Word", set to premier at the end of April 2013.  His past films include "Mickey & Laura", "Hustle & Heartache", and “Utopia Lies at the Horizon”, which won the Bronze Award at the 2011 Box Ur Shorts Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA. 


His past off-Broadway theater credits include a staged reading of Mark Borkowski's new play Valentino's Wing at the LAByrinth Theater, directed by Ellen Burstyn and starred Michael Shannon & Annabella Sciorra; Raul in Extremities & Richard in Crystal Clear, both at the Dance New Amsterdam Theater for the Actors Studio Drama School Repertory 2009; and originated the role of Hector in How I Survive at Manhattan Repertory Theater.


Additionally, Goya released a Hip Hop soul album called Spit My Soul on November 23, 2010 at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe.  Home to many great luminaries of the acting world, Goya has been granted lifetime membership to the Actors Studio in May 2010.  His education includes a Bachelor of Music from University of Bridgeport and a Master of Fine Arts in acting from The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University.


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Frank Brenes is of Costa Rican decent born and raised in Passaic NJ. Growing up in an environment of violence and abuse in both at home and on the streets he has been able to transcend his negative passed into lessons for his students and younger fraternity brothers (Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Inc.). These same trials and tribulations were used as inspiration for his art work that ranges from graffiti and murals to abstract expressionism.


As a certified art instructor and a sub-certified teacher in Reading and Math from grades k-12 he previously held positions as an art teacher at High Tech High School in North Bergen NJ and after impacting whole school districts with over 2000 students as Program Coordinator for Catapult Learning Education Company. There he provided after school tutoring programs for failing school districts in north and south New Jersey as well as South Philadelphia. Currently Frank is attending Rutgers University Camden for a degree in Computer Animation and Painting with a minor in Art history.


He recently created his own company, Brenes Design Co, and has done solo exhibition shows at the Steadman Gallery in Philadelphia and collaboration shows with organizations such as the Arts Students League and Ceiba Artist Collective.  He has also done various mural projects for organizations and institutions such as The Old Navy Headquarters in NY to education murals for Camden County Historical Society.  His ultimate goal is to create an organization where he can bring art education to low income school districts that have lost the funding due to federal budget cuts. These programs will provide an artistic outlet for low income children so they are able to express themselves and their environment in a creatively safe way.  





Kiera Diaz is Puerto Rican and Dominican and was born in Perth Amboy, NJ. Kiera has always had a passion for helping others and has served very well as a mentor to many young ladies through various programs. Such as Peers Educating Peers, Big Sister program, Beautiful Ladies, and with Guazabara Insights, LLC. Growing up Kiera did not have an older sibling to help lead or guide her, but she did have a great role model. This is what pushed Kiera to want to be a role model for other young ladies. In a society where females are constantly told they're not good enough, pretty enough or that they can not do something makes it easy to fall into this role. Kiera never fell into this idea of women and always had the ability to accomplish any goals she has set for herself, pushing herself  to be a great leader, and role model for her community and youth.

Neither of Kiera’s parents had the opportunity to receive a college education which pushed her to work hard and in doing so she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice. She soon would like to return to school for her Master’s in Psychology or Social Work. She is also a proud sister of Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority Incorporated, has held various e-board positions, and help the growth of her chapter. While being an undergraduate at New Jersey City University; Kiera also held two part time jobs, an internship, e-board positions, and while being a mentor and still keeping up her GPA. Kiera also accomplished Dean’s list as an undergraduate, and likes to let her creative mind flow through painting, hiking, and in the past perform for her district’s step team.  Kiera one day hopes to be able to inspire and help young troubled girls all over the world. Two of her favorite quotes and inspiration to her every day are:  "be the change you wish to see in the world", and "there are no limits to what anyone can do; instead of limiting your challenges, challenge your limits!"




Boris Saharig was born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey where he currently dedicates his efforts in uplifting his community and empowering the youth. Growing up in a diverse city has given Boris an understanding of different cultures thus being able to embrace diversity and implementing an understanding of diversity in his life coaching. Boris concepts of self-empowerment and awareness was gained thru his experiences in life with many people from all different walks of life. Boris was exposed to many different cultures in different societies at a young age thus being able to gather information and knowledge that to this day is able to help him assimilate with the youth culture. Boris Saharig is also a member of a diverse and powerful fraternal organization known as Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Inc. which dedicates itself to empowering and uplifting communities.

Boris Saharig first started working with the youth at his local Boys and Girls Club as an Athletic Director. This opportunity of working and coaching within his community sparked a drive in Boris that to this day has not faded. Boris passion of coaching and teaching led him to working in the Passaic Public School system as an educator and coach. Boris also began running after school programs and mentoring programs with local organizations in Passaic. Boris helped put together many community health drives and helped bring an awareness to the problems the youth faced within the community.

Boris Saharig was given an opportunity to expand his passion of life coaching and empowerment by working with Guazabara Insights Inc. Boris is a firm believer that empowering the youth with the fundamental tools and nurturing the seed of knowledge within them can only lead one to succeed in life thus affecting those around them. Boris motto is “BELIEVE” and he installs this mantra to all he comes in contact with.





Jerome J. Croix is a New Jersey native, graduating from Kean University with  his bachelors in Philosophy/Political Science. Presently doing his graduate studies in Counseling at his alma mater. As a certified Behavioral Assistant, Jerome began his work with Guazabara Insights LLC in October 2015. Advancing to Compliance Director in June of 2016. Seeing  the vital need of the growth and development of the human mind to reach potential that is equal to the spirit he harbours within.


For this reason Jerome chose Guazabara Insights as a means to express his GOALS of personal and communal development. He acknowledges the many resources and tools possessed by an individual consciousness can only be made useful when these  skills are brought to light. The ‘Inward to Outward’ approach used in Guazabara curriculum helps achieve just that. NO matter how severe the behaviour,  it is felt that new pathways can be created, nurtured and development to attain the higher ideals of self, every man, woman and child posses.


In his spare time Jerome enjoys, spending time with family and friends. As well as strength training, jogging, with a deep passion for writing and traveling. Also spending several hours a week volunteering at St. Joseph's hospital in Paterson NJ.




Ynanna Djehuty is an Afro-descendant woman born and raised in the Bronx. She is a writer and certified birth doula. She is a member of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC), and a sister of Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. The focus of her work is the empowerment of women and people of the African Diaspora, specifically discussing the Afro-Latina Identity. She utilizes her experience as a birth doula to raise awareness on maternal and infant health for women, highlighting the disparities in the healthcare system in the United States for women of color.


Ynanna’s interest in social justice was planted in high school and was later nurtured in her undergraduate career. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Black Studies and Television/Radio Productions from the State University of New York at New Paltz. Her experience in the Black Studies Department was a catalyst for her quest of self-determination.


Shortly after graduation, Ynanna decided to add to the growing number of Afro-Latina personal narratives. In October 2009, Ynanna wrote ‘Hija De Mi Madre’ (My Mother’s Daughter), a combination of memoirs, poems and research material that explains the effects of race on identity from an academic standpoint. She shares her personal story as a metaphor to place a common cultural experience into context.


The process of writing her first book led her to also learn more about her womanhood. Ynanna explored her connection to her female body and understood how to better take care of it and her self. This interest in cultivating a healthy body and spirit fueled her interest in empowering women in the lifespan of their lives, particularly in childbirth.


Ynanna became a certified birth doula in August 2011 through a fellowship with Hudson Perinatal Consortium. Her work  as a birth doula entails mental , emotional and spiritual support for a woman  before, during, or after childbirth, as well as her partner and/or family. The provision of continuous  support during labor by doulas (as well as nurses, family, or friends) is associated with improved maternal and fetal health and a variety of other benefits.  Her second book, “Odas de La Mujer de Miel,” is her first collection of poetry in Spanish and was released July 2011. She is studying to become a midwife to continue to advocate for woman and their overall well-being.




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Javier Molina was born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico and raised in the mean streets of Passaic, NJ. As a teen Javier could never have imagined that he would end up in the theatre. His path had him heading for a life in the penitentiary, but an encounter with an artistic English teacher would forever alter his life. This teacher would only let him pass the class if he agreed to take a part in the high school production of “Chorus Line”. This extra credit assignment introduced him to the theatre, where he found a world where he was free to create a universe unlike any other.


Wanting to develop his new found passion with further training he enrolled at New Jersey City University, where he would earn his B.A in English/Theatre. Simultaneously, he wrote a movie entitled “Transformations.” 


After graduating from NJCU, he secured funding to film “Transformations” and developed his production company, Pure Productions LLC, resulting in an open path to the world of music videos. However, the theatre would never leave his mind or heart - a decision to help a friend audition for a master’s program in NYC would bring him back to the stage.


Today Javier is a MFA graduate and Lifetime Member of The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. Next, Mr. Molina hopes to develop a directing career that will allow him to present the type of opportunities to low-income communities that changed his life – he’s confident that through his passion and art he can change some lives for the better.


Mr. Molina is now the founder and Director of Everyday is A Monday Productions, LLC, where he will further his passion as a actor and director.  

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Kimberly Febo is a native of Brooklyn, New York, raised in many different parts of the United States and Puerto Rico.   She is an artist, singer, and writer whose work focuses of inspiring strength, love , peace and uplifting the spirit through freedom of creative expression.   While growing up in such diverse communities, she was exposed to many different backgrounds, cultures and realities which gave her the ability to see things through many different perspectives; she gained the gift of clarity.  


Through these experiences she gained the knowledge to be able to speak knowledge through many different perspectives to people giving them clarity and upliftment they need at any given moment.    She has worked as a children’s and youth leader in her community and has counseled hundreds of people of all age groups and family members though out her lifetime.



Kimberly is currently the founder of Art of Awakening Studio, which serves as a means to provide healing through art and creative expression.  She served as the illustrator for the book "Karma of a Woman", and has many art exhibits around the country.  



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Camden Area Director


Growing up in so many neighborhoods helped him see various aspects from cultural and economical diversity. Also, encountering bullying and eventually taking up boxing and martial arts as a way to combat this from his personal experiences of always being the new kid. Getting in trouble was common and family issues caused him to be involved with DYFS and receiving a behavioral assistant when he was about 10 yrs old. 


 He has been involved in behavioral health since 2006 and began learning about how to help others become healthier regarding exercise and nutrition since 2008. 


Currently he has a Bachelors degree in History with a minor in Anthropology and concentrations in African-American Studies, Women's Studies and International Studies. He is very involved in the city of Camden on a political and community level focusing on urban youth, animals activism and environmentalism. He also has his own entertainment company providing DJs and Hosts for various events with special discounts for non profit orgs. He is also heavily passionate about acting and poetry and has been so since high school. This is another tool he uses to get the attention of the youth.


Aurelio has been in behavioral health since 2006 serving as a behavioral assistant as well as case manager for Camden County's Detention Alternative Plus Program, Head Instructor for Camden County's Anger Management Program and a mentor for adjudicated youth. 


He is a black belt instructor with the Universal Pasha Karate school of Camden, NJ as well as a fitness and nutrition specialist in which he uses this background to help youth with social issues.

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