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NYC Deptartment of Education Approved Vendor


Social Consciousness Cultural Education Parent Education

The positive evolution of our society comes through our ability to instill in our children the knowledge and experience necessary for them to live up to their fullest potential.  How can we as parents be as effective as possible in such an endeavor?  What knowledge is available to us as individuals to prepare us to be the best parents possible?



Guazabara Insights provides such education.  Understanding oursleves as individuals and how we affect the world around us, especially our children, allow us to shine as the best version of ourselves.  This light carries on to all aspects of our lives, and how our children look up to us as role-models, nurturers, providers and protectors.  

Workshops Offered:


"The Conscious Parent"


"Navigating Systems: The Prepared Parent"


"Our Children's Health"


"Self-Confidence through Emotional Intelligence"


"Discipline and our Growing Child: Understanding Child Development"


"Meeting Halfway: Roles in Parenting"


"It All Adds Up!: Creativity and Positive Attitude"


"Constant Connections: Quality Time with Our Children"

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