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Waking the Conscious Mind
Waking the Conscious Mind

Here are some testimonials from students, faculty and community members that have attended Dennis' Workshops: 


"I recently attended a workshop done by Mr. Febo about the three faces of a Latino man. His educational background and knowledge of history were impressive, but his delivery of the information made it so that faculty and students alike could understand and enjoy his words. His passionate approach to public speaking is a breath of fresh air and something a person would need to experience to fully understand. I truly walked out of the auditorium feeling not only like I learned something, but that I got a different perspective on some things that I already knew. If you get the opportunity to hear him speak I'm sure that you will be as satisfied as I was."

Barry James - CT



"I have had the opportunity to attend many of Mr. Febo's workshops. I am always pleasantly surprised when watching him engage with his audience. He is genuine and real on stage. I like to observe audiences reactions to whatever workshop he may be giving and I see the same reactions almost every single time. People are truly tuned into what he is saying. I think they appreciate his ability to break down things we are taught as a culture, without imposing his ideas or trying to "sell" anything. Giving these workshops and engaging people to think is one of his many gifts and anyone who has had the opportunity to listen to what he has to say will always leave with a lasting impression of him."

Barbara Pierson - Brooklyn, NY

Owner, Peace -N- Light, LLC




"Hearing Dennis speak about identity and our ability...our RIGHT to define ourselves as we want was priceless. He planted a seed in my was like an epiphany...I am who I want to be, and everyone else needs to adjust, not the other way around. Overall he delivered a powerful message in a very humble manner, and I think that was what I appreciated most. Many do not see the inter-connectedness, of us as people but he really did spark a movement in my mind. I will never forget that!"

Asmi Nayma Advitiya - Syracuse University, NY





"An extraordinary speaker...Dennis "fills in the blanks" in areas of people's lives that may seem like they are in the dark. He challenges one's point of view in a way that causes a person to re-evaluate what a person is truly committed to in their life. He gives much of himself, and at this rate, is well on his way to becoming a profound influence in the hearts and minds of generations to come."

Michael "Goya" Robles, NY
Actor, Poet




"Dennis Febo challenges and nurtures our awareness by putting the "grand scheme" into moment-to-moment perspective with the eclectic truths liberally scattered throughout his lectures. His ability to make intangible theory into something real and practical in concert with his aptitude to engage and captivate amounts to understanding that is efficient, genuine, and becoming." 

Marbin J. Tavarez, NY
Art Director, New Day Initiative




"Dennis' speaking is more than just motivational, it causes you to think. He forces you to look past conventional knowledge and really question things you may take for granted. His presentations are engaging and really get you involved in the topic being presented. I would recommend Dennis for anyone who wants a speaker to tell it like it is and open minds to new insights."

Fabbio Areche - Passaic, NJ

School Counselor, Passaic Board of Education




"Dennis Febo is one of the most influential people to me. He speaks with confidence and passion, but unlike other public speakers he can capture a crowd with only a word. His knowledge of Latin American culture is truly extensive and he has made an impact in the students of Saint Peters College and the Greek Collegiate world as well." 

Randy Maldonado - Jersey City, NJ
Nursing Major, Junior, Saint Peters College
Latin American Service Organization, Treasurer




"Dennis prevails when he makes you unplug the TV in your head and deliberately takes you on a cultural experience with a clever articulation of identifying the Black/Latino Diaspora in this new age."

Lorean (Ludi) Valentin - Bronx, NY

Luna Management Firm, Executive Director
1199SEIU Latino Unidos Committee, Secretary-Treasurer





"I enjoyed the Afro-Latino Connection workshop because it added to my reason to continue promoting unity among populations of underprivileged backgrounds. I have always known that everyone has African roots, but never knew how to back it up. Once again Mr. Febo amazed me with his knowledge and the facts that he presented. It was amazing to me to be a part of a long discussion in our organization meeting following this workshop. If you can inspire an hour long discussion simply on one of your statements during a workshop, then you know you have done your job as an educator. Continue sending such a positive message!" 

Mayra Granados 
La Raza- President 
Diversity & Social Justice Liaison - Campus Activities
Peer Resource Leader - El Centro
Colorado State University, Ft Collins, CO


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