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Who are we? How do we define ourselves? This workshop is aimed at getting the audience to begin to understand themselves "consciously", in order to live in an empowered fashion. Self-Actualization can be achieved through the exploration of our own personal identities, the meaning and histories of such, and how they affect our lives today.


Living consciously leads to a more productive self, we live our lives as we desire constructively, because we know we have the most power of our own lives.

Being that we are literally creating the world around us through thought, it brings us much power and freedom of being in recognizing and taking responsibility for our thought processes.  Our thoughts not only affect our energetic states of being, they affect us physically and affect the thoughts, feelings and physical bodies of those around us.  


The key to freedom in our communities is Mental Hygiene, clean and positive thoughts so that we remain in a centered state, and be immovable individually and collectively.  

While Yoga and Meditation have been around since the beginning of human civilization, current technology is proving its useful effects in our every day lives. Yoga merely means "Union", union with self and the world around you.


This workshop focuses on basic history of yoga, basic terminology, and basic practices that one could incorporate into one's everyday life, to create a more emotionally balanced individual, and in turn a balanced community.

Understanding how deeply we can love ourselves and the world around us, can shine light on how much potential our minds, bodies and souls have.  We all have a life purpose, a mission...we are born with drives, knacks, skills and personalities that allow us to fit into our communities in a very special way.  


We must create an environment of nurturing for ourselves and for our communities so that we may enact our individual and collective potentials.

There is a side to us as beings that exists without control…the us that exist in our dream state. We sleep a third of our entire lives…if we live to be 90 we would have slept for 30 years! Each night of sleep consists of an average of 6-8 dreams per night, most of which we cannot recollect. Sleep and Consciousness studies have created many breakthroughs in our understanding of the dream world and the power it has over our waking life.


This workshop discusses and will put to practice various techniques and practices to attain awareness in our sleep state, thus influencing our levels of lucidity and awareness in our waking state. The ability of the mind to project can be applied to all aspects of life.


Our experience in life is shaped on how we relate to it. Our interpersonal relationships hold much weight on how we view ourselves, our self-esteem, our goals, and our visions. Many people have trouble relating to their lovers, family, friends, places, and even objects. What is love? What is trust? What is respect? 


The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the true nature of our relationships to the world around us. This workshop deconstructs what we already know of relationships and builds new meanings so that people may have the tools to better relate to the world around them, and learn compassion and adaptability. Relationships are the core of our human experience…someone has to talk about it.

Within our communities our knowledge of personal energies and sex are non-existent, along with high teenage pregnancy rates, and cases of sexual violence are predominant. These battles have been ongoing for decades, and it seems as if not enough is done about these issues.


Sex is a highly misunderstood concept and practice within our society. There are levels to our unconscious beings as well as levels to our personal energies that can be accessed through in which most of the population is ignorant to.


In attaining a clearer and deeper understanding of our sexuality and sexual health, we can raise our own awareness and energies to the point where our lives and our inter-personal relationships are drastically improved.

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