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Social Consciousness and Cultural Education

Our CEO, Dennis Febo, MAH was featured on TEDx Talks, in Jersey City, NJ, with his performance "The Ism of Race".  Watch the full video on the TEDx Youtube Channel!

Take an inside look at our Cultural and Social Consciousness Education Community Reintegration Program at Hudson County Corrections in New Jersey.  

Guazabara Insights, LLC is a health and educational services provider whose mission is to raise social consciousness and uplift our communities.  We enact our mission through the dissemination of cultural and social consciousness education.  For the past couple of years, we have been working diligently in implementing our cultural educational modules in communities of need, while addressing the social issues that affect our communities through organizing and action. 


Guazabara means "warrior."  Every single one of us has a warrior as a part of our personalities.  It takes using this component of ourselves to look into our programming, or having "in-sight", so that we may face ourselves.   Here we can replace any negative connotations to our way of being and replace them with empowering and uplifting agreements and habits, thus raising our consciousness and in turn uplifting our communities everywhere.  Guazabara Insights means "The Warrior Looking Within".

Guazabara Insights, LLC

Raising Social Consciousness and Uplifting Our Communities

Social Consciousness and Cultural Education

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